Anime vs. Manga – Do you like watching Anime or reading Manga? Vote!

Anime vs. Manga

Anime vs. Manga (Vote for Anime or Manga)

Do you like watching television or reading newspapers? This poll, anime vs. manga, is very much similar!

This poll will determine that what is better, reading manga or watching their animation, which is called anime. Well, I personally like watching animes, but it’s your poll, vote for what you like!

Dragon Ball




old ash vs. new ash

Submit your vote for the popularity of your favorite being-enjoyed type! Don’t hold back, increase anime or manga votes with a single click!

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  1. Old Ash says:

    Old ash is much better than new one! Voted for the old Ash!

  2. Johnny_K says:

    Voted for Anime, much better than reading!

  3. Mewtwo_Psychic says:

    Who would like to read something when there is an animation of same thing present? Voted for Anime!

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