(Pokemon) Ash vs. Red – Vote! (Poll)

Ash vs. Red

Jessie vs. James

Vote above for Ash or Red (Ash vs. Red) from Pokemon with a single click!

This poll will determine that who is the better one between Ash or Red (Ash vs. Red).

Ash ketchum most commonly know as Ash or Satoshi is the main Protagonist of the Pokemon Anime. With his buddy Pikachu he is destined to become a Pokemon Master.Ash has traveled tho different region in the past years .His hometown is Pallet Town where he lived with his Mother Delia Ketchum. Right now he is in Alola region discovering different kinds of Pokemon and making new friends

Red is the main Protagonist of Pokemon Origins Series.Like Ash,he is destined to catch all the Pokemon in the world.He was given the task of completing the Pokedex from Prof.Oak.

Submit your vote for the popularity of your favorite character! Don’t hold back, increase your best character’s votes with a single click!

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