[Dragon Ball] Goten vs. Trunks – Vote! (Poll)

Goten vs. Trunks

[Dragon Ball] Goten vs. Trunks… vote for your choice!

Vote above for Goten or Trunks from Dragon Ball Z/GT with a single click!

Goten vs. Trunks – This poll will determine that who is the better one between Goten and Trunks (Goten vs. Trunks). Goten is the son of Goku while Trunks is the son of Vegeta, but Trunks being elder than the Goten, got more power at the beginning of their birth. At the tournament of the Anime, both did some cheating, so I guess that this poll will determine who is the better one. Let’s have a little overview of these two characters as a kid as well as an adult:



Goten is the son of Goku, and the little brother of Gohan. He appears in Z series at the very first, and appears as an adult in GT. The maximum form which he reaches as a Saiyan is the very first stage of Super Saiyan, but that goes with Trunks as well.



Trunks is the only son of Vegeta, the Prince of all Saiyans. He appears from the Future before his birth on Earth, as an Adult to aware Goku about the Androids, who destroyed his World in future. After the appearance of Future Trunks again during the rage of Androids, the actual Trunks appear as a baby. In GT, he appears as an adult. He probably appears like 75% more than Goten in GT, when Goku, Pan and Trunks travel the universe to get Black Star Dragonball.

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  1. Gotenks2 says:

    Voted for Goten! 😀

  2. James says:

    Goten vs. Trunks… Goten is more cooler! Voted for him! 🙂

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