(Dragon Ball Z) Frieza vs. Cell vs. Buu – Vote! (Poll)

Frieza vs. Cell vs. Buu

Frieza vs. Cell vs. Buu

Vote above for Frieza or Cell or Buu (Frieza vs. Cell vs. Buu) from Dragon Ball Z with a single click!

This poll will determine that who is the better one between Frieza or Cell or Buu (Frieza vs. Cell vs. Buu).

Frieza was the Emperor of the Universe who ruled over his own Emperial Army.He was the son of Kuriza and younger brother of Cooler.He was know though out the galaxies for vanishing Planet Vegeta and his great power until he was defeated by Goku on Namek and again by Future Trunks on Earth.He returned back many times in order to take revenge from Goku and defeat him.Right now he is helping Goku and the others in Tournament of Power on behalf that Goku promised to revive him back if the Universe survives.

Cell was one of Ultimate creation of Dr.Gero who had power of all the warriors of the Earth including the Androids made with him.He came from the future and absorbed every creature he could to make him prefect.He ruled over and even Goku was unable to stand up to him until Gohan showed up and with combined Kamehamaha of son and his father he was defeated for once and for all.

Buu was one of the greatest creations of Babadi. Buu from the start had good and bad in himself but soon the good one and the evil one were separated by the rage of seeing Satan to get killed.After that Buu was unstoppable and started destruction on Earth by turning them into chocolates and stuff.He was defeated by the combined effort of all the people on Earth into one Goku’s Spirit Bomb.

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