[Dragon Ball] Goku vs. Beerus – Poll – Vote!

Goku vs. Beerus

Goku vs. Beerus

Vote above for Goku or Beerus (Beerus vs. Goku) from Dragon Ball Super with a single click!

This poll will determine that who is the better one between Goku and Beerus (Goku vs. Beerus).

Goku (born as Kakarott) is the main Protagonist of DragonBall Z Series.He is a Sayain and son of Bardock,Younger brother of Raditz,Husband of Chi-Chi and father of Gohan and Goten,grandfather of Pan.He is one of the most powerful warriors of Earth.He was born to be evil but became good after getting adopted by Grandpa Gohan who found him as little baby.

Beerus-sama is cat-like creature and God of destruction of Universe 7. He is very powerful yet very lazy and a sleeping head.He never gets along with his brother Champa-sama. Along with Whis-san he  travels along the galaxy!

Submit your vote for the popularity of your favorite character! Don’t hold back, increase your best character’s votes with a single click!

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