(Naruto) Naruto vs. Pain – Vote! (Poll)

Naruto vs. Pain

Ash vs. Red

Vote above for Naruto or Pain (Naruto vs. Pain) from Naruto with a single click!

This poll will determine that who is the better one between Naruto or Pain (Naruto vs. Pain).

Naruto is the main Protagonist of Naruto original and now-going series.He is destined to become the greatest Hokage and he did.He is smart,a bit childish and almost all the time hungry.

Nagato (Pain) was a shinobi of Amegakure and descendant of the Uzumaki clan. Forming Akatsuki alongside his friends  Yahiko and Konan, He dreamed of bringing peace to awful shinobi world. He then, began leading a new Akatsuki; one that would force the world into peace using any means.


Submit your vote for the popularity of your favorite character! Don’t hold back, increase your best character’s votes with a single click!

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