[Pokemon] Misty vs. May vs. Dawn vs. Iris vs. Serena – Vote! (Poll)

Misty vs. May vs. Dawn vs. Iris vs. Serena

[Pokemon] Misty vs. May vs. Dawn vs. Iris vs. Serena... Submit YOUR vote!

Vote above for Misty, May, Dawn, Iris or Serena from Pokemon with a single click!

This poll will determine who is better between the great characters (girls) of Pokemon! In this poll, you may vote for Misty, May, Dawn, Iris or Serena! Each and every of those differ by their abilities in Pokemon Anime. Let’s have a bit overview:

Misty appears in very first episodes of Pokemon and after getting an accident with Ash, she decides to go on a journey with him. After being a while with ash during his journey, she goes back to Cerulean City and takes care of the Cerulean Gym with her sisters.Her first Pokemon was Togepi.


May appears in Hoenn region with her brother (Max) and continues the journey with Ash.Her dream is to become the Top Coordinator by participating in different contests and winning ribbons.She became her journey with a Torchick.


Dawn traveled Sinnoh region with Ash and Brock. She began her journey with Piplup and just like her mother, she wanted to be a successful Pokemon coordinator by winning different Ribbons in different contests.


Iris traveled Unova region with Ash and Cilan. She was born with Dragon type Pokemon and till the end of her era, she continued to catch and learn all there is to know about Dragon type Pokemon.She started her journey with Axew.


Serena traveled in the Kalos Region with Ash, Clemont and Bonnie along with her starter Pokemon Fennekin. Her dream is to become the Kalos Queen by defeating Aria the current Kalos Queen.She won her three keys in different showcases.As for now,she is in Hoeen Region learning about Contests!

Submit your vote for the popularity of your favorite character! Don’t hold back, increase your best character’s votes with a single click! Misty vs. May vs. Dawn vs. Iris vs. Serena – is the poll jumping in many minds, so it’s time to clear off the confusion!

More PokeGirls coming soon in the next addition of this poll! Discuss this poll of Pokemon here at AnimePolls.com Forums:


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  1. John K. says:

    Vote for Misty, the best one out of all the five! 😉

  2. M.Raja
    M.Raja says:

    Don’t forget to subscribe @ AnimePolls.com in order to get updates of new polls! 😉

  3. Sandip Patel says:

    57 votes for Iris. Now she’s the kid.

  4. M. Bakhtiar
    M. Bakhtiar says:

    Wow, few days back Misty was leading, but now Serena is leading with a good lead. Keep it up, Serena!

  5. TheDarkrai2000 says:

    Time to bring up Misty again! Everyone, vote for Misty!

  6. Raxus lou19 says:

    Wow, serena is having an undefeatable lead!

  7. isaac says:

    Why do you ruin my hopes and dreams may is the best I cry

  8. Pokemaster says:

    Those who choose anyone other than Misty or Dawn should be slapped in the face…Dawn is the best pokegirl hands down and i also understand people choosing misty for nostalgia but no ignorants went and choose serena for reasons unknown.

    • QueenSerena says:

      There are a lot of reasons for liking Serena!Serena is the best Poke-girl ever!
      Dawn’s cool as well,but now Serena has left Dawn,Misty,May so behind!And there’s no need for mentioning Iris x3 She’s the worst! 😛

  9. Alolalover says:

    Please add some more pokegirls who are appearing in Alola region.

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